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Oncoveda is part of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories LLC, a member of the Genesis Biotechnology Group (GBG) located conveniently in Hamilton, New Jersey, and is easily accessible to other academic research and medical centers, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area.

Our scientific staff has extensive clinical diagnostic industry, cancer research, and medical experience.

  • Michael McQueney

    Michael McQueney, Ph.D.

Cancer Signaling and Cell Cycle

  • Venu Bommireddy

    Venu Bommireddy, Ph.D.
    Research Scientist

Latest News

Updated Website! - The Oncoveda website has been fully updated! Please take a moment to learn about our current programs and scientific members!

Projects for Lab Rotations/Internships within Oncoveda - Please access the Research Page (link above) to learn about the lab rotation/internship projects that are currently available in Oncoveda.

Article Accepted into Tumor Biology - Our article further describing the role of PME-1 in endometrial cancer tumor progression titled "Inhibition of Protein Methylesterase 1 decreased cancerous phenotypes in endometrial adenocarcinoma cell lines and xenograft tumor models" has been accepted for publication in Tumor Biology.